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Our services include production of textile products for men's and women's protective and sports outerwear. Because we are experts in what we do, we work with a lot of clients. Some of the main countries that we cooperate with are: Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Italy.


We confection the orders we receive from the clients with their already purchased fabrics and auxiliary materials

models and templates

We develop models that are safe and durable, using new methods and different types of technology


With Seam sealing we make clothing that protect from all external influences according to the required standards


Full production means that we have the ability to do everything from scratch, from the first thread until the full product is done

Re-imagination of Textile, in line with the future


Hard working employees and the number continues to grow

m2 land

The whereabouts of the company’s production facility is located in Gazi Baba municipality


Over 32 years of experience that we gained in this industry


This is our story

Family business that unites the values and dedication to confection and textile, which expands more than three decades of providing the best principles of work and utmost admiration of its clients and partners all because of the founder Zlate Acevski, who started this story.

our awareness

Fair Wear Fondation

We are very proud to say that we are a part of a great foundation, The Fair Wear foundation. A partnership for a more ethical garment industry.

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