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This is our story

Family business that unites the values and dedication to confection and textile, which expands more than three decades of providing the best principles of work and utmost admiration of its clients and partners all because of the founder Zlatan Aceski who started this story.

A man with visionary and entrepreneur mind, always open for new things, Zlatan ambitiously started his business story. He is amongst the first in this country that started with this kind of business, a business in the textile industry. His entrepreneurial energy was a huge motivation for his closest family to continue the journey of the business. And with that motivation, combined with the ambition of the closest family, Textile Solution was born.

The company that was founded by Zlatan Aceski, ZLATEX, has been a leader in the textile industry since 1989. Zlatan Aceski has a proffesional experience that expands into 50 years, and more than 30 years entrepreneurial experience.

Zlatan Aceski


The story continues ...

Three decades and countless successful inspirations later, another story is born. The story of Textile Solution starts in 2016 with a single priority, and that is producing quality protective clothing in the field of waterproof аnd fireproof solutions.

Stands for quality
European standards

We have a clear mission and vision - Shaping the future with innovative and protective layers!


Our priorities

The sole priority activity of the company is protective clothing. The company still works on the concept of CMT service, which is currently most common in the entire textile industry in our country. CMT service means that the company does not design and create a product, but on an already verified product from a foreign partner company, performs the sewing service and in our case the specific finishing and sewing of the seams. "Textile Solution" initially started with the production of Standard work wear equipment, but soon the team recognized the possibility of implementing specific "Seam Sealing technology", due to the lack of such a service in our market and beyond. In this way, they created a new service that raises the company to a slightly higher level than other companies operating in the field of CMT service. The entire product is for export, because at the moment we do not have our own product, but we have been thinking about that topic for some time and aiming for its realization.


The production line is located in Skopje and it reaches over 800 m2 of land.


The company has 120 employees and the number continues to grow.


Textile Solution has the full support and recognishen by the Fund for Innovations and Technology Development.


The company operates on the principle of loan - production and is export oriented and it’s licensed with "GORE - TEX Certificate Silver Label" certification and Fair Wear Foundation.

Darko Aceski


Maja Aceski


Thriving business with
true professionals.


Why should you trust us?

We offer many services but the main one is production of textile products - men's and women's protective and sports outerwear. Because we are experts in what we do, we work with a lot of clients. Some of the main countries that we cooperate with are: Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Italy.

CMT confection

We confection the orders we receive from the clients with their already purchased fabrics and auxiliary materials.

Developing models and templates

We develop models that are safe and durable, using new methods and different types of technology.

Full production

Full production means that we have the ability to do everything from scratch, from the first thread until the full product is done.

Seam sealing

With Seam sealing we make clothing that protect from all external influences according to the required standards and lasts a long time.